Kaiping Hansen Sanitary Co., Ltd.
Kaiping Hansen Sanitary Co., Ltd.
Head office:
Address: NO.68,West Longtang Road,Shagang District, Shuikou Town,Kaiping City,Guangdong Provice,China.
Tel: +86-750-2730165  
E-mail:info@hassem.cn  Saiping7075@163.com
Web:www.hassem.cn   www.wysanxin.com
Nan'an office:
Address: No.4 Block 1,Phase 2 of "Plumbing City of China",Nan'an City,Fujian Province .China.
Web:www.hassem.cn   www.wysanxin.com
Customer feedback
Dear customers, if you use our products or services in the process of any problems, you can fill in the form to reflect to us, we will follow up your information as soon as possible.
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