• Date:2022-06-17
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The valve core is the key to control and regulate the water outlet, and we generally can't see its true face. For the faucet, the quality of the valve core is an important basis for the quality evaluation of the whole faucet, so you must be careful when selecting. There are three kinds of common valve elements: ceramic disc valve element, stainless steel ball and shaft rolling valve element.

Ceramic disc valve element
Product features: currently the most widely used, affordable, little pollution, good sealing, wear resistance, long service life.

Stainless steel ball valve
Product features: it is a kind of high-tech leading valve core, which is commonly used by high-end sanitary brands, such as Gaoyi, Jiumu, FRAP, Hengjie, etc. Stainless steel valve core is especially suitable for areas with poor water quality, which will not affect the service life due to water quality; It can also accurately control the water temperature, but the price will be more expensive.

Roller spool
The handle rotates smoothly, the operation is simple and easy, the feel is comfortable and easy, and the aging resistance.

At the time of purchase, choose the faucet with ceramic disc valve core. You can use your index finger and middle finger to gently clamp the handle of the faucet and swing it up, down, left and right to see if it is flexible and does not loosen, and if it blocks the hand feeling. If not, it indicates that the handle is good and the quality of the faucet spool is qualified.

The above is the matters that should be paid attention to when choosing a faucet. Although the faucet is small, it is also the guarantee of domestic health water, so you should choose it well.

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